S3 E9: The Things We Dare Not Tell by Henry Lawson

Welcome to The Book Dialogue. My name is Sarah and I’m so glad that you joined me today.  The Book Dialogue is an exploration of poetry and books, philosophy, and all the things in life that happen and occur in and around us. We have wonderful conversations, and I would love you to be able to join usContinue reading “S3 E9: The Things We Dare Not Tell by Henry Lawson”

S1 E9: The Secrets We Kept

Reading a story … how does reading enhance our life?   How do we experience life through the telling of a tale?  Can fiction be educational? Listen to Rebecca and Sarah as they discuss, “The Secrets We Kept” by Lara Prescott. Why don’t you join the conversation?  Come find us on http://www.thebookdialogue.com.