S3 E5: The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza by Lawrence Block

The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza, by Lawrence Block (Photo from Amazon.ca)

“Bernie Rhodenbarr doesn’t generally get philosophical about his criminal career. He’s good at it, it’s addictively exciting—and it pays a whole lot better than pushing old tomes. He steals therefore he is, period.”

Lawrence Block,  The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza

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Bernie Rhodenbarr is bookseller by day, thief by night.  It is a dynamic combination.  

Join Sarah and Rebecca as they discuss The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza and the writer, Lawrence Block, who brought the character of Bernie Rhodenbarr to life.

Lawrence Block’s Bernie Rhodenbarr series includes 11 novels.  Exciting News!!  In his most recent blog post dated May 21, 2022, Lawrence Block reveals there is another book on the horizon: The Burglar Who Met Fredric Brown.

The story of the Liberty Head 1913 Nickel, complete with photos, is found at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History Website.

Perhaps there is a series that you would like to share with us.

Join us on The Book Dialogue and tell us about what you are reading.

The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza The Book Dialogue

Happy Reading!

Sarah & Rebecca

Selfie of Sarah & Rebecca at Butchart Gardens on a rainy afternoon in Spring.

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6 thoughts on “S3 E5: The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza by Lawrence Block

  1. This is so interesting! ! Is it because it is about money? ? I am really eager to learn more about this coin piece. When I first heard the two of you talk about this 5 cent piece, I recalled seeing it and holding one of the pieces in my hand as a young person. Then as you told more of its history and that there were so few, I realized that I was mistaken. I wonder if there were other five cent pieces made! ! I am waiting for the photo, because I can see the piece that I held in my hard so very clearly even to this day! !

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    1. Check out the link to the Smithsonian that I have on my post, Frances. It will take you to the 5 cent piece and full story, with photos. I was not able to add them to my post because of the copyright notice. I have a piggy bank full of 1 cent pieces that are no longer in circulation. Even now, the movement is away from currency.

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  2. This was such a fun podcast! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Bernie character reminds me a little of Flambeau from the Father Brown books. The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza has to be the best book title of all time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Liz for joining Sarah and me on The Book Dialogue. We are back together again now that we can meet face-to-face. The Flambeau character in the Father Brown books is brilliant. Readers look forward to Flambeau’s next appearance. What artwork will he target? I enjoyed The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza crime mystery, which was a mystery to the very end page. Exploring the life of the author is as interesting as reading his/her book.

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